Online gambling is also growing. Three of 4 qualitative studies specifically focused on crime, with three describing how gambling caused crime. There is a need to i intensify treatment and prevention programs for online gamblers with a particular focus concerning age, online culture, communication types, and psychotherapeutic setting including families; ii develop different treatment and prevention strategies according to different types of online gambling poker, sports betting, video gaming, etc.; iii educate and inform regulators and gambling promoters about the impact of varying situational and structural features including marketing, responsible gambling tools, types of messaging, near misses, in-play betting, etc., iv incorporate adequate and truthful information dissemination to gamblers, their families, local communities, and the media; and v establish new teaching programs concerning online gambling issues, to healthcare and treatment professionals, those that work in the online gambling industry, regulators, policymakers, and other public services where gambling can impact.

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